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Bringing to you the best fresh produce under the Mediterranean Sun & beyond. 

importadores de frutas 

We source fruits and vegetables  from all around the world on different way

The matchmakers

We are a fruit consultants .  Our job ? We can say, we are matchmakers, bringing together producers of the best fresh produce and international buyers. We have many year of experience  in import, export and distribution of fruits and vegetables, our goal is to supply  citrus, grapes and avocados customers 365 days a year. That is reason we maintain a close relationship with our producers around the world, in the Mediterranean area and also with producers in the Southern Hemisphere and Central America, advising and contributing with our know-how.

Our philosophy is based on innovation, think ¨Out the Box¨ mentality , quality, clarity and customer service.


Our origins are in the citrus production,  the love for the product is part of our DNA. . We emphasize the quality of our fresh products as well, as in sustainable production and the improvement of the quality of life of producers in developing countries, always looking for the best prices, in line with commercial agreements and complying with the international quality standards. IAM strives to always be one step ahead of its competitors in terms of innovation, seeking differentiation. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our daily concerns. Import.


The import , especially of citrus fruits , grapes and avocados, allows us to guarantee fresh quality products throughout the year to our customers and compensate for the lack of production in the local market.

                                               Imex Agro Mediterranean is part of  Imexagro Inc. 




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From Spain , Perú and Mexico


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Delivering the best produce
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